Adventures in editing

Recently at work I got the chance to do copyedits and line edits on a manuscript, and I actually found and corrected several errors, including one in a chapter title (!) that no one else had caught. It’s kind of exciting to know that I’m actually contributing to the quality of the finished product—I mean, odds are that … More Adventures in editing

Close but no cigar

My thoughts on last night’s game, like most other Irish fans, are basically: uggggggghhhhhhhh. But maybe I can articulate that a little better. [view from my former dorm room] There are many different kinds of losing—there are the days when everything that can go wrong does go wrong, the times when you show up to play and … More Close but no cigar

A start

[Friday morning sky] I will begin in the middle, since I don’t quite know where the beginning is, anyway. This is the life of a twenty-something dreamer working in the city, living at home, and trying to be grateful for each day as it comes. I’ve long avoided starting a blog because I was afraid that whatever … More A start