Sacred spaces

Last week I went to a lecture by Professor Duncan Stroik on Franciscan architecture. I had to leave early (downside of living in Jersey), but it was interesting. He talked about the meaning of building a church for the poor in an architectural sense, how the churches of the Franciscan order—an order rooted in poverty—are … More Sacred spaces

First snow

Last week, I watched this video of the first snowfall of the season at Notre Dame. While on one level this video makes me really glad I’m not in South Bend right now, since I do not miss the long, brutal winters, on another level…why is it also making me nostalgic? I mean, only Notre Dame can take … More First snow

7 Quick Takes Friday: Strand books, Vatican bowling, and musicals

Linking up with Jen. —1— I love browsing the $1 and $2 book racks at the Strand. There’s usually some amazing stuff hidden in there, along with some of the oddest books I’ve ever seen, including this blast from the past: [published in 1996.] [The best part is the description of the modem sound.] I … More 7 Quick Takes Friday: Strand books, Vatican bowling, and musicals

Walking Mysteries

Have you ever reached a point in a friendship or relationship where you begin to feel you’re running out of things to talk about? Do you ever fall into patterns and habits with the time you spend together—watching TV instead of having a real conversation, talking only about sports instead of delving into what’s really … More Walking Mysteries