Highlights of 2022

• Went on a mission trip to Jamaica in January through Frassati and served the community of Annotto Bay

• Went on two ski trips with friends, to Vermont and the Poconos

• Celebrated Carly’s bachelorette, in which we were snowed in and played a lot of board games

• Enjoyed dinners with friends

• Celebrated Carly and Brett’s wedding in February

• Celebrated Steve and Rachel’s wedding in March

• Hosted a St. Patrick’s Day / March Madness party and made scones for the first time using my family’s recipe

• Visited my parents’ new house in Florida in March

• Filmed a new edition of Aughie Madness for the Final Four

• Played music for the spring Frassati retreat at the Marian Shrine and ran a workshop on Lectio Divina

• Celebrated Easter with family

• Welcomed four new babies among friends & family over the course of the year: Maria, Reid, Logan, and Lucia

• Visited with friends in Texas for a week in the spring and got to spend time quality time with John & Anita (including helping chaperone a preschool spring carnival & petting zoo, which was quite an adventure)

• Visited Indiana in May and celebrated Maria’s baptism

• Attended CFR ordinations in May

• Played music for the CFR Pentecost Vigil

• Hosted a Frassati BBQ at my parents’ house in June

• Took a family trip to Disney World in June

• Joined my friends on a camping trip to the Adirondacks over the Fourth of July

• Played music for a candlelit Frassati holy hour in July

• Helped organize a summer series of talks by the Dominican brothers

• Attended final vows for the Sisters of Life

• Went on a Frassati hike in August

• Visited Mandy at her new house

• Attended the Frassati ministry leader retreat

• Played music for the fall Frassati retreat at Villa Maria Guadalupe and ran a workshop on the letters of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

• Enjoyed a weekend at the lake with friends in October

• Cheered for Notre Dame in a sometimes rocky, sometimes exciting football season and got to take NYC friends with me to the UNLV game in October (and met up with Greg and Fatima there, too!)

• Visited Liz & her family again in Indiana over Halloween

• Started teaching a new CCD class

• Went back to the office on a two-day-per-week schedule in November

• Had Carolyn as a roommate for a few months in the fall, followed by Diana in November

• Celebrated my birthday with friends & later with family

• Watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from my office

• Enjoyed Thanksgiving Dinner with family

• Saw NYC decorated for the holidays and volunteered with the Sisters of Life for their Advent festivities

• Celebrated Christmas (& Hanukkah) with family

• Drove to Florida with my parents

• Met up with NYC friends while in Florida!

• Went to the Gator Bowl and cheered the Irish on to victory in a very exciting game!

• Rang in the New Year with my parents while watching football

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