Clinging to Tradition—Over at Ignitum Today

This time of year is usually filled with traditions: both family traditions and liturgical traditions, which shape our experience of Christmas. Traditions serve a great purpose in our lives. We are creatures of habit, and circling back to favorite traditions year after year helps us focus on those things that are most important, and it … More Clinging to Tradition—Over at Ignitum Today

A thought

Lately I’ve been thinking of a tendency I sometimes have when I’m playing music, to stop whenever I make a mistake and start over from the beginning, in the attempt to have a “perfect” run-through of the song. It’s a terrible habit, really. I mean, the process of carefully going through a section of music … More A thought

Morning in the life

6:30 AM: Alarm goes off. I hit snooze while still asleep. 6:40 AM: Still asleep, hit snooze; the action is incorporated into my dream. 6:50 AM: Same. 7:00 AM: Same. 7:10 AM: Kind of wake up, enough to walk to the bathroom in a daze. Brush my teeth. Start to get dressed. 7:20 AM: Alarm … More Morning in the life

From the Realms of Glory—Over at Ignitum Today

I imagine angels to be like responsible teenagers asked to babysit their toddler siblings. I’m sure that my own guardian angel is often exasperated with me, as tends to happen when babysitting mischievous toddlers. Sometimes the kids are adorable, and sometimes you have to lure the guinea pig out from under the couch because the … More From the Realms of Glory—Over at Ignitum Today