Morning in the life

6:30 AM: Alarm goes off. I hit snooze while still asleep.
6:40 AM: Still asleep, hit snooze; the action is incorporated into my dream.
6:50 AM: Same.
7:00 AM: Same.
7:10 AM: Kind of wake up, enough to walk to the bathroom in a daze. Brush my teeth. Start to get dressed.
7:20 AM: Alarm goes off again. To turn it off I have to climb over my bed. Accidentally fall asleep.
7:26 AM: Wake up. Remember that I need to leave the house at 7:30 to make the 7:50 bus.
7:27 AM: Finish getting dressed. Throw all my stuff into my bag.
7:34 AM: Leave the house.
7:35 AM: Realize that my (expensive monthly) Metrocard is not in my pocket where it should be, and it’s not in my bag and I definitely didn’t put it anywhere else. The most likely possibility is that it fell out of my pocket on the bus ride home yesterday. Nooooooooo…

7:48 AM: Arrive at bus lot. Bus is already there and ready to go. Board bus—just in time.
8:10 AM: Discover that there is a way to refund lost Metrocards, up to two times in a calendar year. Hope this applies to my circumstances.
8:30 AM: Fall asleep. Dream I’ve found my Metrocard.
9:10 AM: Wake up. Am very confused about whether my Metrocard is lost or not.
9:20 AM: Exit bus at the Port Authority. Decide to walk outside instead of taking the tunnel to the subway because it’s supposed to be a nice day.
9:23 AM: It is uncomfortably windy. There is a jackhammer along my path producing ear-splitting noises. I start humming/whimpering to myself as I drag my exhausted self to the subway station.
9:25 AM: Put a little money on a regular Metrocard to use temporarily. Enter subway.
9:30 AM: My train comes. I actually get a seat. With some effort, I keep my eyes open.
9:40 AM: Get off train, start walking toward work. I only buy coffee on days when I really, really desperately need a boost of caffeine. Today is one of those days. Starbucks.
9:50 AM: Tall blonde soy misto in hand, I walk the rest of the way to work.
10:00 AM: Arrive at the office exactly on time.

Moral of the story: I am not getting enough sleep.
Problem: I don’t really know how to fix that at the moment.

P.S. I did get the remaining balance on my Metrocard refunded, thank goodness.

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