Highlights of 2019

Escaped the January cold with a trip to Orlando, visiting Disney World and Universal. Went to my first opera, Carmen, and saw The Ferryman on Broadway. Met Fr. Ubald Rugirangoga and heard his incredible story of bringing healing and forgiveness to Rwanda. Went skiing in Colorado for a week in March. Met Audrey Assad! Spent … More Highlights of 2019

Highlights of 2018

Started off the year with a Notre Dame bowl win over LSU, a snow day, and…an endoscopy to diagnose gastritis. Not the most enjoyable event of the year, but at least I was able to start healing. Got to see Liz’s first ultrasound in January! Celebrated an Eagles Super Bowl win! Went to a family … More Highlights of 2018

Highlights of 2017

Started a new job! Saw Billy Joel in concert at Madison Square Garden with my sister Made several visits to the Met Went skiing in the Poconos Celebrated Liz’s engagement and helped her with wedding planning Went on two retreats at Villa Maria Guadalupe Attended Women Speak for Themselves Media Training in Washington, DC, and … More Highlights of 2017

Over at Mercatornet: Notre Dame’s contraceptive cave-in

Reposted from Mercatornet. After half a decade fighting a government contraception mandate, the University of Notre Dame took advantage of a new exemption policy at the end of October and announced it would end contraceptive coverage in health plans for its staff and students. A week later, to the consternation of others opposing the HHS mandate on religious freedom … More Over at Mercatornet: Notre Dame’s contraceptive cave-in

Thought-Provoking Reads, vol. 6

Bill McCormick, S.J., America, “Bannon and Feinstein remind us that anti-Catholic bigotry is a bipartisan problem”: You cannot make this stuff up. Completely unplanned, two figures as different as Steve Bannon and Dianne Feinstein—a Trump-supporting Breitbart writer and a progressive California hero—inadvertently teamed up to remind Catholics that anti-Catholic bigotry is alive and well in both political … More Thought-Provoking Reads, vol. 6

Highlights of 2016

—Went to a few Fordham basketball games —Spent a weekend snowed in after a blizzard —Started writing weekly Frassati reflections —Went on two ski trips —Got to see several books I’ve edited come out in print —Hosted a St. Patrick’s Day/March Madness party —Watched Notre Dame win a first-round March Madness game in Brooklyn and celebrated a national … More Highlights of 2016