Over at Mercatornet: Notre Dame’s contraceptive cave-in

Reposted from Mercatornet. After half a decade fighting a government contraception mandate, the University of Notre Dame took advantage of a new exemption policy at the end of October and announced it would end contraceptive coverage in health plans for its staff and students. A week later, to the consternation of others opposing the HHS mandate on religious freedom… Read More Over at Mercatornet: Notre Dame’s contraceptive cave-in

Thought-Provoking Reads, vol. 6

Bill McCormick, S.J., America, “Bannon and Feinstein remind us that anti-Catholic bigotry is a bipartisan problem”: You cannot make this stuff up. Completely unplanned, two figures as different as Steve Bannon and Dianne Feinstein—a Trump-supporting Breitbart writer and a progressive California hero—inadvertently teamed up to remind Catholics that anti-Catholic bigotry is alive and well in both political… Read More Thought-Provoking Reads, vol. 6