Over at Ignitum Today: Resisting Calvary


I remember that when I learned as a child about Jesus’s Passion, I was surprised to hear that when Jesus was asked to take up His Cross and walk to Calvary—to march to His death as an innocent man—He actually did it. I didn’t understand why He wouldn’t just fall to the ground and go limp (a strategy well known to most children), or resist in any way possible the unjust fate before Him. I viewed the whole event through a narrow lens in which Christ was the helpless victim being subjected to an unthinkable tragedy, a terrible mistake in human history, and it seemed odd to me that He wouldn’t put up a fight against such grave injustice, that He would seem to cooperate with his tormentors.

Read the rest at Ignitum Today.

Titian, Christ Carrying the Cross / PD-1923

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