Book Club Discussion Questions: My Sisters the Saints


Today’s BIS Blog discussion is on the Communion of Saints, and I thought I would share about one of my favorite books, Colleen Carroll Campbell’s My Sisters the Saints. The book is a memoir of Colleen’s early adulthood, and she writes in a way that is so down to earth and relatable, about real-life experiences and struggles as she returns to faith and tries to figure out what to do with her life. This book really resonated with me, and it made me more aware of how we can experience the friendship of the saints who have gone before us. There are so many amazing stories of people who have fought the good fight and come out victorious, and I draw so much encouragement from reading about those heroic—and yet fully human—saints.

I’ve led two book club discussions of My Sisters the Saints (meaning I’ve read it three times in total!), and I have a set of discussion questions that I’m going to share here for anyone who might be inspired to read it in a book club setting, or even among a few friends. Click on the link below to download the PDF!

Discussion Questions for My Sisters the Saints

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