Over at Ignitum Today: Among the Huddled Masses


Here is what it’s like to live in New York City: Every day I walk a maze of sidewalks and dodge a never-ending stream of people, cars, bicycles, scooters, dogs, strollers, and pigeons. I navigate subway transfers with efficiency and precision, knowing the exact spot to stand on each platform to minimize my time in transit. I step quickly, weaving around mailboxes, trees, and, on one especially trying morning, a whole class of students with rolling suitcases on their way to LaGuardia.

Every day I am tempted to ruminate on how the people around me are continually inconveniencing me, and not only that—they fail to realize the extent to which they are inconveniencing me.

Read the rest at Ignitum Today.

Photo by Beraldo Leal / CC BY 2.0

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