Frassati Reflection: The Empty Tomb

empty-tombIn today’s Gospel, we see two responses to Jesus’s resurrection. The two Marys, following Jesus’s instruction, go forth to spread the message of His rising from the dead to the disciples. The soldiers, on the other hand, following the instruction and bribes of the chief priests and elders, go forth and spread the story that Jesus’s body was stolen from the tomb by His disciples.

What is our response to the Resurrection? Which story is written on our hearts: one of wonder and gratitude or cynicism and denial? Reverent humility or stubborn pride? What message are we proclaiming?

As Christians, our entire outlook should be colored by the Resurrection—in light of the empty tomb, every moment of our story gains deeper meaning and beauty. Nothing can steal away our Easter joy: we are an Easter people, and alleluia is our song.

The battle is still being fought here on Earth, but the victory has already been won. The work that we are carrying out is the final crusade of a victorious army.

So when things seem hopeless and bleak, remember the empty tomb. Remember that no matter what happens from here on out, we have already been saved; the forces of evil have lost their grip on us. Though our crosses may be heavy and the path to Calvary steep, the promise of Easter morning is ever present.


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