7 Quick Takes: What I’ve Been Up To This Summer

Linking up with Kelly.


I saw Hamilton in June! It was a long-awaited event—I’d bought the tickets in September—and it didn’t disappoint.






If you haven’t already listened to (*cough* memorized *cough*) the Hamilton soundtrack…go listen to the Hamilton soundtrack.

I actually just bought tickets again for the same day next year—I was selected for the fan presale and was able to get another block. Looks like it’ll be a Flag Day tradition!


Before the heat got unbearable, I was able to spend some lunch hours in Central Park. It’s really nice being within walking distance! Spending even a few minutes in the park feels like escaping to a whole different world, away from the city.





I’ve also gotten to do a lot of babysitting for the Sisters of Life. The kids are adorable and exhausting, and I love it :)






I finally made it to a Mets game this year! Citi Field is a great venue; I was impressed both with the seating arrangements and with the variety of food options (I got Shake Shack). My sister and I were surprised to find a stand selling , which is the current trendy dessert in NYC. It’s basically cookie dough that is served in scoops, like ice cream. They’ve come up with a recipe without any raw eggs, and it’s both delicious and extremely rich. Lines for DŌ in Greenwich Village are out the door, but we were able to get some right in the ballpark! We had a great time at the game, and the Mets won 14–2.





I spent one Saturday afternoon exploring South Street Seaport and walking up the East River with my sister and a friend who was visiting. The river gave a nice breeze against the summer heat, and it was nice to catch up!






My family and I made a visit to the Museum of Natural History. I’d been there before, but there were several exhibits that I hadn’t really seen, so it was cool to explore it all.



The exhibit on Rodents of New York was not a big hit with my sister—we zipped through that one as quickly as possible. I joked that maybe they were just trying to fill space and went out into the alley to find a few rats to put on display, and that next we’d find a “Cockroaches of New York” exhibit.


Not sure how much longer this will be up on YouTube, so you should watch it as soon as possible! My friend Elise gave an incredible voice recital on Monday night, and I was so glad I was able to attend. It was such a moving performance, and her voice sounds heavenly. The recording is currently available on the National Opera Center YouTube page.

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