7 Quick Takes: Snow days, Disney music, and disasters averted

Linking up with Kelly. —1— You’ve probably heard that we had a blizzard here in New York this week. As a result, I had a half day of work on Monday and a snow day on Tuesday. Not bad. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a snow day…the last time involved a lot … More 7 Quick Takes: Snow days, Disney music, and disasters averted

Everyday details

True progress quietly and persistently moves along without notice. —St. Francis de Sales I am currently without wifi in my apartment, hence the silence here. That should be fixed soon enough. For some reason I’ve been thinking a lot of Orange lately; I think that in the midst of a New York January I have … More Everyday details

Highlights of 2014

[Family visited me in California in January] [Hung out with the Disneyland ducks at work] [Played tourist in LA with my mom and saw The Book of Mormon] [Went biking in Huntington Beach] [Introduced my dad to his new favorite Cuban restaurant] [Got accepted to the Columbia Publishing Course] [Spent Easter with my dad, my cousin, and … More Highlights of 2014

First snow

Last week, I watched this video of the first snowfall of the season at Notre Dame. While on one level this video makes me really glad I’m not in South Bend right now, since I do not miss the long, brutal winters, on another level…why is it also making me nostalgic? I mean, only Notre Dame can take … More First snow