Over at Ignitum Today: Spiritual Antibodies


When I was three years old, I had a terrible case of the chicken pox. So terrible, in fact, that my spleen became enlarged, and doctors ran all sorts of tests to be sure I didn’t have leukemia. Fortunately, it really was just the chicken pox, and I recovered just fine. My sister had the chicken pox at the same time, but hers was a much milder case. Nine years later, she came down with shingles, and before we realized she was sick, she infected several of our friends. However, I remained completely immune. Her very mild case of chicken pox had left her with few antibodies to protect against shingles, while my intense case of chicken pox, though a terrible trial at the time, had given me a much stronger immunity. When we get sick, our bodies build up immunity to protect us from further physical illness. In a similar way, we can build up a spiritual immunity to protect ourselves from spiritual illness.

Read the rest at Ignitum Today.

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