A Few of My Favorite Things, #19: Up

Adventure is out there!

It is a Notre Dame School of Architecture tradition to wear a model on your graduation cap. For years I thought I’d wear a Disney castle on my cap. But then while I was in college, the movie Up came out, and for my thesis I designed a South American–themed hotel and addition to Walt Disney World that included an Up ride. And I got a new idea:


I was lucky it wasn’t a windy day, otherwise those balloons would not have stayed at all. As it was I had them tied down with fishing line, which came undone pretty quickly. (They weren’t helium, but they were still a little unwieldy).




I was easy to find in the crowd, even amidst the arkies. One of my piccolo friends who was playing music for the ceremony told me that when they played the Victory March, she spotted my balloons popping up at all the points in the music when the piccolo section does little jumps and turns.


Anyway, aside from my own homage to Up, it’s an excellent film, and you should watch it.

P.S. I also met Dug in California Adventure:


Hi! My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you!

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