7 Quick Takes: Crazy Dreams, Blessed Is She, and Basketball

Linking up with Kelly.


The weather has been all over the place lately—two weeks ago, it was freezing cold with record lows and terrible winds; then last week it was so nice and sunny outside that I went running in the park in shorts! It was great to spend a warm day outside in the middle of winter. It was a nice contrast from the kind of weather that makes you cover every inch of exposed skin and brace yourself whenever you walk out the door.





I can usually remember my dreams when I wake up, and they’re usually pretty weird. Here is one I had this week (as told to a friend on Gchat):



My women’s group is currently going through the Blessed Is She study guide, and it’s led to some good discussions. It’s also easy to use—there’s no outside reading or preparation required! We usually read books together, but this has been a nice break with everyone’s busy schedules to just show up and have discussions based on a brief reading, and the topics are all very relatable.



I’ve been trying different Greek restaurants in my neighborhood, and I’ve found there’s some really great Greek food here! Last week I tried pastisio, which is like a Greek version of lasagna, and I’ve had various appetizers and chicken-and-potato dishes. I hadn’t tried any of the Greek restaurants down the street until after I was cleared of food allergies, so I’m only just discovering them now. If you have any favorite Greek dishes, let me know—I’m hoping to try more new foods!


I’m enjoying basketball season—Notre Dame has had some big upsets, and Villanova is having a great season (despite their loss this week). Selection Sunday is only two weeks away! I’ve also gotten a chance to go to several Fordham women’s games to watch my cousin play, which has been a lot of fun—they’ve won all the games I’ve attended!

There was an interesting article about how Wednesday’s game between Villanova and Xavier was the first meeting between two top-five-ranked Catholic schools in thirty-one years—the last was in 1985 when No. 1 Georgetown beat No. 2 St. John’s in the national semifinal (and were eventually beaten by unranked Villanova in the championship!).


I’ve almost finished posting my trip recaps from my pilgrimage to Guadalupe in November. You can see them here!


I’m going skiing again this weekend—I hope the conditions will be good! I’m excited to be able to go for a second time this year.

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