7 Quick Takes: Springtime for Villanova

Linking up with Kelly.


I’m still reeling from Villanova’s championship win on Monday! I recapped this year’s amazing tournament yesterday. Today was the Villanova parade in Center City Philadelphia!

Toddler me in a Villanova shirt


I had a really nice Easter Triduum a few weeks ago. I was able to take advantage of being in the city for Holy Thursday and Good Friday services—Holy Thursday Mass at St. Vincent Ferrer was really beautiful, especially with the choir singing. And my local parish does Tenebrae at midnight going into Good Friday, which is nice because it’s just a short walk from home.

Moonlit trees on the way home from Tenebrae

I spent Easter with my family in New Jersey/Pennsylvania. We actually ended up doing our Easter baskets at like 12:30am on Easter, because we realized we had to get up early for Mass and were up late anyway. I got to have Cadbury creme eggs again! It had been years, and they’re my very favorite Easter candy. We had Easter brunch with my cousins in Pennsylvania, and then my sister and I caught a train back to NYC.


It’s officially springtime (though the weather has been chilly this week), and the trees in the city have started to bloom.










The Jim Gaffigan Show was filming in my neighborhood this week. I didn’t see the film crews, but I saw the signs that they would be there on Wednesday.


This reminded me that there are episodes I still haven’t seen, so I found them on Xfinity and started catching up. It’s a great show!


March 26 was the anniversary of the explosion that destroyed a few buildings on the block where I work. It fell on Holy Saturday this year, and they had a memorial for the two people who were killed. The block is still empty, just a fenced-off patch of dirt with flowers, pictures, and crosses to remember the two men who died. I’m not sure when/if they’re planning to build something new there, but it will be weird when they do.


Mother Angelica passed away on Easter Sunday, and there have been some really beautiful tributes written about her. I especially loved Jenny Uebbing’s piece, “The Power of a Single Life,” as well as Tom Perna’s “12 Sayings of Mother Angelica that Made Me Laugh Out Loud.” You can also read her obituary at the National Catholic Register. She was a strong woman who lived quite an inspiring life, and she had quite a sense of humor! It seems fitting that she would enter Heaven on Easter Sunday.


I recently discovered that my favorite coffee shop/gelateria sells nutella-banana croissants. My life will never be the same. It will take a lot of willpower for me not to eat one every single day!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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