7 Quick Takes: Fiddler, Tassels, and Spring Afternoons

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A few weeks ago I saw Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway. It was very well done—the cast was so talented! I would definitely recommend seeing it if you’re in New York.




Seeing Fiddler led me to watch a bunch of old marching band videos, since my high school marching band did a Fiddler show the year before I joined:

And I also had to go back and rewatch Lin-Manuel Miranda’s wedding toast, which is a choreographed dance to “To Life”:


On Saturday it was supposed to thunderstorm, but it ended up being sunny all afternoon—the storms didn’t come until dinnertime. Which was perfect for celebrating a friend’s birthday with a picnic in Central Park! I sat out on the grass for hours, successfully avoided sunburn, enjoyed some cupcakes, and had the best kind of leisurely Saturday with friends.



Within the past month I’ve gotten to make two visits up to Villa Maria Guadalupe—first for the Frassati retreat, and then because the Sisters of Life needed an extra volunteer for their Mother’s Day celebration. I feel spoiled! It’s so lovely up there, and it’s especially beautiful in the spring.



On Wednesday I saw a lot of NYU grads walking around in their robes and purple hoods, and I had fun figuring out their majors based on the colors of their academic regalia. I’ve spent many, many hours playing in commencement bands (and sitting around killing time during commencement rehearsals), so spotting different tassel and hood colors is kind of a favorite pastime. ;)

Blue-violet tassel for architecture…and, you, know, an Up house for good measure

I thought my blue-violet tassel was pretty nice, and I think Notre Dame has the coolest doctoral robes out there.

ND doctoral robes [image: https://www.nd.edu/features/commencement-traditions/ ]

Two years ago I was visiting a friend in Pittsburgh during Carnegie Mellon’s graduation, and we saw a bunch of graduates at the restaurant where we ate brunch. I liked the tartan lining of their hoods!

Carnegie Mellon’s tartan hoods [image: https://www.cmu.edu/silicon-valley/news-events/news/2013/graduation-ceremony-2013.html ]


We’ve had a lot of rain over the past few weeks, and it feels like April and May switched places. But while there are plenty of downsides to rainy days, the upside has been some spectacular cloud-watching:



I’ve been sick on and off over the past few weeks, so I don’t have very much else to write about…nothing too exciting! I’ve been taking it easy and trying to catch up on rest.

Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Fiddler, Tassels, and Spring Afternoons

  1. Oh, Fiddler on the Roof must have been amazing!!!! Live musicals are the best, and that one is probably my top favorite musical of all time. Thanks for the link to the band show-the choreography is so cool! Erin, I hope that you have a restful weekend and feel all better and 100% soon! :)

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    1. Yeah, I had never actually seen the whole thing before (only a few clips of the movie), and I completely fell in love with it! And glad you like the band show, haha…I’m a total band geek, so I may be biased, but I never get tired of watching old band videos!


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